MS-720 portable spectroradiometer measures spectral irradiance from 350-1050nm Visible to Near-Infrared radiation. It calculates, displays and saves measurements of Irradiance (W/m2), illuminance (lux) and PPFD (µmol/m2/s).

The MS-720 is mainly used for spectral data acquisition of solar radiation, geological features, vegetation, oceanography, remote sensing and many other field-based applications.

Analytik delivers solar radiation spectroradiometers to the UK and Ireland from EKO Instruments.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the EKO Instruments team, based in The Netherlands. Visit our contact page, request a quote, or call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776.



MS-720 is a rugged and lightweight handheld spectral sensor with an integrated LCD screen and internal memory, suitable for outdoor solar radiation and internal greenhouse spectral measurements. At its heart lies a Zeiss diffraction grating spectrometer with sensitive integrated photo-diode array.

Data files are downloaded to a PC or laptop using the free MS-720 control software. Several scientific functions are incorporated (e.g calculate the integrated irradiance of a measured spectrum against a reference spectrum).

Key Features:

  • Automatically displays Irradiance (W/m2), illuminance (lux) and PPFD (µmol/m2/s)
  • Small, light and portable (W100 x D160 x H60mm, 720g).
  • Operation is simple with the integrated LCD and tactile switches.
  • A cosine correcting diffuser, Zeiss grating spectrometer and temperature-corrected diode-array are its key components.
  • Highly reliable because there are no moving parts that could affect measurement accuracy.
  • Integrated software automatically determines the optimal exposure period to get the best spectral measurement.

Technical Specifications:

Wavelength Range 350 – 1050nm
Wavelength Interval 3.3nm
Wavelength Resolution 10nm
Wavelength Accuracy <0.3nm
Aperture Angle (Full view angle) 180° (Option: 45°, 25°, 10°)
Stray Light <0.15%
Temperature Dependency ±5%
Unit of the Output W/m²/µm
Measuring Time 0.005 – 5sec/Automatic controlled time
Maximum Number of the Data 800 (Approx. 2mins for download)
Power Supply AA battery x 4
Optional AC adapter DC5V
Size  W100 x D165 x H60 (mm)
Weight  Approx. 720g (inc. batteries and aperture)
Communication  RS-232C/USB
Operating Temperature Range  -10°c – +40°c
Humidity  0 – 90% RH (no condensation)

Request a quote for the MS-720 or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776.


  • SolarMS-720 Spectroradiometer
  • Geology
  • Vegetation
  • Oceanography
  • Remote Sensing


PDF Icon MS-720 Datasheet

PDF Icon MS-720 Manual

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