GL Spectrosoft Light Measurement Software

GL Spectrosoft optimises the efficiency and results gained from GL light measurement solutions. The software is available in 4 different versions, meaning you only pay for the features you need.

Key Features:

  • Optimises spectrometers, optical spheres and probes: Spectrosoft always uses the right calibration file for your instrument ensuring you always see absolute values
  • Flexible: Offers extensive configuration and templates for personalised reporting
  • Data Storage: All measurement data is stored and available at any time for comparison with new measurements values. Save files locally or export to excel or word for distribution to your team or clients

As exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply GL Spectrosoft Software from GL Optic. Through Analytik, you’ll have access to our team of experts to help develop your application and get the most out of your investment.

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GL Spectrosoft is a PC-based analytical software designed for use in the laboratory, in the field, in production quality control and for general light measurement purposes. It is designed to work in conjunction with your GL Spectrometer to enable fast and efficient light analysis.

Designed to turn raw data into powerful, easy-to-read information, GL Spectrosoft presents your data in clear graphical charts and tables. What’s more, the software includes configurable pass/fail criteria and the ability to easily present and share results through its structured reporting formats.

GL Spectrosoft is modular, meaning you only pay for what you need. GL Spectrosoft Connect is included with all GL systems as standard – all other versions are optional.


Included with all GL systems – supports entry-level applications.


Entry-level light analysis and reporting for users with basic light evaluation needs.


Powerful light analysis for professional lighting evaluation and advanced reporting capabilities.


A laboratory quality tool for advanced spectral analysis, comparisons, testing and customised measurement setups.

Metrics & Measurements:

  • Spectral and Colour
  • New colour rendering metrics: IES TM-30-15 and new CIE 224:2017 Colour Fidelity Index Rf.
  • Human centric lighting evaluation metrics: EML (Equivalent Melanopic Lux) and M/P Ratio (Melanopic Photopic Ratio)
  • Colourimetric values: xy chromaticity, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, purity, colour rendering, correlated colour temperature, CRI index, MacAdam Ellipses and Metamerism Index.
  • Photosynthetic active radiation PAR 400-700 [μmol], PPF [μmol/s] and PPFD [μmol/m2/s] and PBAR 350-800nm
  • Photobiological safety includes risk groups assessment wizard and detailed values including irradiance EB, EBK, ES, EUVA, EUV, EIR Eskin and effective radiance values like LB, LIRA and LVISIRA.
  • radiometric values: irradiance [W/m² nm], radiance [W/cm² sr nm], radiant power [W/nm] and radiant intensity [W/sr nm]
  • photometric values: luminance [cd/m² ], illuminance [lux], luminous intensity [cd] and luminous flux [lm]

Includes optical flicker metrics such as:

  • Flicker Frequency,
  • Flicker Index
  • Flicker Ratio
  • SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure)
  • Flicker Graph and FFT Graph available

Comparison of Software

Graphical Spectra

Results window with calculations

–        Colour coordinates x y/ u v/ u’ v’

Basic Reports
Export/ Import TXT Format
Chromaticity Charts

Advanced Report Editor

–        1931 (x y)

–        1960 (u v)

–        1976 (u’ v’)

Window with Selected Results
Comparison Window
Binning Tool
ISO 3664 Measurement
Metamerism Indices (UV/VIS)
Luminous Intensity [cd]
MacAdam Ellipses
Transmission/ Reflection
Scotopic/ Photopic Calculations
CAD Integration
Spectrum Mixer
Automatic Measurement Comparison Add on required
Automated Pass/ Fail Add on required
Adjust Spectral Range of Calculation Add on required
Ambient Light Subtraction Add on required
PAR/PPFD Calculations Add on required
Photobiological Safety Add on required Add on required

Interested in the GL Spectrosoft? Request a quote or call us on  +44(0)1954 232 776 to discuss your requirements.


GL Spectrosoft Automation

The GL Spectrosoft Automation is an Add-On for the GL Spectrosoft Light Measurement Software. The GL Spectrosoft Automation allows the ability to automate complex operations and supplements whilst accelerating the measurements of additional information such as luminous efficacy and temperature. The GL Spectrosoft Automation minimises errors caused by the misalignment of the GL Optic equipment being used, ensuring accurate, reliable results.

Key features: 

Set Operation Sequences

  • ‘Drag and Drop’ Interface allows you to preset a complete sequence of operations, such as “cooling temperature” or the “current and voltage” before a measurement with the use of programmable peripheral devices.
  • Choose form the relevant measurement options from the list of available operations and create a measurement script which will be automatically executed by the software.

Data Fusion

  • Collect data from external devices and integrate all your critical information together in a single measurement report
  • Set parameter sand check the influence of the current or temperature on the performance of your lighting product and create a comprehensive analysis summary.

Automate Complex Operations

  • The Automation add-on supports programmable power supplies, current sources, multimeters and temperature controllers.
  • Different current levels or temperature conditions can now be monitored and measured with the use of automation script editor
  • Select from a list of support devices to have custom integrations of your own device developed for you

GL Spectrosoft Automation Usage

Spectrosoft Automation was specifically designed to control and manage multiple complex devices and ensure results are obtained efficiently and easily. This software works hand-in-hand with GL Optic’s products and allows a range of instruments to be used simultaneously without creating a bigger workload or increasing the time it takes to obtain results.

Interested in the GL Spectrosoft Automation? Request a quote or call us on  +44(0)1954 232 776 (UK) or +353(0)144 751 70 (IE) to discuss your requirements.

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