GL Opticam 1.0

The GL Opticam is a high performance Imaging Luminance Measurement Device designed for the quality control of indoor and outdoor lighting products, illuminated symbols, and automotive, aerospace and street luminance.

Equipped with a high resolution CMOS sensor, V-Lambda correction filter and a lens optimised for precise luminance measurements the GL Opticam is capable of accurately replicating human response to brightness.

Key Features:

  • High resolution and high sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • High class V-lambda filter
  • Mathematical models implemented for stray light and dark current compensation
  • Flare reducing optics
  • User friendly software

As exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply the GL Opticam from GL Optic. Through Analytik, you’ll have access to our team of experts to help develop your application and get the most out of your investment.

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GL Opticam 1.0

The GL Opticam is an optical digital camera system designed for taking luminance measurements of LED modules, lamps, luminaires, displays, street luminance and other sources in a broad range of applications.

Able to capture an entire scene and quickly output luminance data for each image point, all in a single frame measurement, this innovative instrument also allows combining an imaging camera system for luminance testing with the advantages of spectro­radiometric measurements, achieving unmatched precision and performance. The accompanying analytical software delivers a user-friendly, intuitive interface that supports data downloads and the preparation of comprehensive reports.

Ideal for a wide range of common lighting applications including: LED lamps and luminaires, LED chips and modules, indoor and outdoor lighting audits, road lighting luminance audits, etc. the GL Opticam simplifies and accelerates component testing in applications ranging from vehicle displays, embedded LCD and OLED displays, instrument clusters, controls, indicators and illuminated symbols.

This device is capable of verifying luminance uniformity whilst diffusing materials are used.  The GL Opticam can assess maximum luminance levels in order to avoid problems with glare, making it ideal for designers and engineers to control lighting performance.

GL Opticam 1.0 Photometric Quantities:

  • Point Luminance [cd/m2]
  • Luminance distribution
  • Iso candela diagram
  • Average luminance
  • Min Max diagram and tables

GL Opticam 1.0 Spectral Colour Quantities

  • Correlated Colour Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Colour Rendering Indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R14
  • New rendering Rf and TM-30
  • Colour Uniformity
  • Binning and colour consistency
  • Spectral Power Distribution

*available when combined with the spectral instrument system


Technical Specifications:

Application Light sources, displays, luminous and illuminated surfaces
Imaging resolution 1920×1200 (Full HD, 2.3 MPix)
A/D conversion 12 bit
Measurement range 0,01 cd/m² … 10000 cd/m²
(ND filter for higher range available on request) (ND filter for higher range available on request)
Resolution 0,01 cd/m²
Dynamic range 1:1000000
Focus distance 440 mm to infinity
Minimum working area 86×55 mm (at 440 mm distance)
Uncertainty of spectral response Class A (f1′) < 3 %
Integration time 50µs … 30s
Measuring sensor type CMOS monochromatic matrix with spectral response filter
Optical system 50mm f/2.8 lens. (different available on request)
Dimensions [H x W x D] 60 mm x 111 mm x 58 mm
Weight 570g
PC Connectivity USB 3.0
Power source Powered by USB connection
Tripod adapter BSW ¼”
Case ü
USB cable ü
Part number No.

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  • LED lamps and luminaires
  • LED chips and modules
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting audits
  • Road lighting luminance audits
  • In-vehicle displays
  • Embedded LCD and OLED displays
  • Instrument clusters, controls and indicators
  • Illuminated symbol testing


PDF Icon GL Opticam Datasheet

PDF Icon GL Opticam Brochure


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