GL SPECTIS 8.0 is a unique, integrated laboratory spectroradiometer containing high sensitivity back thinned CCD image sensor and revolutionary Optical Stray Light Reduction method.

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

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GL SPECTIS 8.0 has been designed specifically for the measurement and characterisation of light sources – especially LEDs – providing accurate spectral information and color coordinates conforming to CIE standards. In comparison to GL SPECTIS 1.0, the laboratory-based GL SPECTIS 8.0 features increased range, resolution and accuracy.

GL SPECTIS 8.0 is the only solution available on the market using the revolutionary OSR method/Optical Stray Light Reduction; ensuring the highest accuracy of test results. In combination with the high sensitivity optical system, integrated with back thinned CCD image sensor, the instrument offers many advantages compared to conventional laboratory measurement devices.

GL SPECTIS 8.0 can be combined with additional equipment to measure all light sources, including LED, Fluorescent Lamps and LCD Displays. The optical systems and software can also be easily adapted to meet customer needs.

Key Features:

  • Back thinned CCD Image Sensor
  • Optical stray light reduction*
  • High sensitivity
  • Precise calibration
  • Low noise
  • Stable and repeatable measurements
  • Easy operation

The following values are automatically calculated using GL Optic’s SPECTROSOFT software:

  • Tristimulus values XYZ
  • Chromaticity coordinates xy, uv, u’v’
  • Correlated colour temperature CCT (Kelvin)
  • Dominant wavelength (nm)
  • Colour rendering CRI (Ra)
  • Peak wavelength (nm)
  • FWHM spectral linewidth

GL SPECTROSOFT is a PC-based software, designed for laboratory application as well as for field work in production quality control and for general light assessment purposes. Key features include:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Absolute or relative measurements
  • Flexible data presentation
  • Helpful tools for easy analysis and interpretation of measured spectra

The following measurements are performed with the use of additional optical probes:

  • Illuminance (lux)
  • Spectral irradiance (µW/m2/nm)
  • Luminous flux (lumens)
  • Spectral radiant flux (W/nm)
  • Luminous intensity (candelas)
  • Luminance, 2D & spot (candelas per sq. Meter)

Technical Specifications:

Spectral Range 300-800 nm
Detector Back-thinned type CCD image sensor
with cooling (5 °C)
Number of pixels 2048 x 64
Physical resolution ~ 0.33 nm
Optical FWHM 1 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.2 nm
Integration time 10 ms to 10 s
A/D conversion 16 bits
Signal to noise ratio 2000:1
Stray light 3*10E-4
Spectroradiometric accuracy ±3%
Measurement uncertainty of colour coordinates (x,y) ± 0.0010
Connector for optical fiber SMA905D
PC interface USB 2.0 standard
Power consumption 35 VA Max
Ambient temperature 5-35 °C
Dimensions 220 x 175 x 320 mm
Weight 7.1 kg

Request a quote for GL SPECTIS 8.0 or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776.


  • Different light source measurements: halogens, fluorescent lampsGL SPECTIS 8.0
  • LED measurement and testing compliant to with CIE 127
  • Flat screen display measurement
  • Fast production process control for industry applications



LED Light Measurement Made Easy


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