The GL Optic SPECTIS 6.0 is a robust, rack-mounted, high-grade spectrometer for SSL production, quality control and laboratory environments. It displays lux, colour temperature and more on its colour touch-screen display.

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the GL Optic team, based in Germany. Visit our contact page, request a quote, or call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776.



The GL SPECTIS 6.0 is a rack-mounted, high-end production spectrometer for production QA testing and large laboratory setups.

Combined with GL Optic’s integrated range of probes, integrating spheres, current sources, powers supplies and TEC chip coolers, you will have all the tools you need for fast luminaire design and quality control projects.

GL SPECTROSOFT Pro PC software integrates seamlessly with the GL SPECTIS 6.0 for control and data transfer. With the GL SPECTIS 6.0 and GL SPECTROSOFT Pro software you can take control of your design and quality assurance processes.

Use GL Optic integrating spheres, probes, current sources, powers supplies and TEC controllers for advanced setups in light engine development. With a GL Optic setup it’s easy to check performance specifications with high throughput and great accuracy.

Implement fast, robust and simple testing procedures at critical points in your production chain and you will soon save money and improve your lighting products.

Key Features:

  • Robust construction for production and lab environments (standard 2U 19” rack form factor)
  • Google Android firmware operating system with touch-screen controls
  • Record spectral power distribution from 200nm to 1050nm with high
    resolution 0.5 nm data point intervals (optional ranges available)
  • Hardware & Software triggering, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, 16 bit A/D conversion, Labview integration
  • Sensitive back-thinned CCD sensor, Temperature sensor and patented
    Stray Light Reduction system for enhanced signal to noise
  • Factory calibration of each unit and accessories for absolute radiometric data accuracy
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, extended with re-calibration service (5 year maximum)
  • Support service for software updates and queries

GL SPECTROSOFT Pro v3.0 for easy analysis, export and reporting

The intuitive GL SPECTROSOFT Pro software makes it simple to analyse, compare and report your light measurement readings taken with the GL SPECTIS 6.0. Seamless integration with the GL SPECTIS 6.0 hardware for wireless control and data transfer provides the most versatile laboratory and production light measurement solution available.

Key Features of GL SPECTROSOFT Pro v3.0:

  • Intuitive and customisable graphical interface
  • Full CIE photometric and radiometric parameter calculation
  • LED Binning, Pass/Fail testing, relative spectral comparisons, ambient
    light compensation, timed serial measurements
  • Remote control and data transfer for any GL SPECTIS device
  • Data comparison table and MS Excel export functions
  • One-click MS Word report generation with customisable templates
  • Much more…

Technical Specifications:

Measurement range 0.01 – 1500lx / optional 1 – 200.000lx
Absolute Spectroradiometric accuracy +/- 2%
Spectral Range VIS 340 – 850 nm
UV – VIS 200 – 800 nm
VIS – NIR 340 – 1050 nm
UV-VIS-NIR 200 – 1050 nm
Detector Technology CCD back thinned
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 2.5 nm – 3.5 nm
Integration time 10 ms – 60 s
Signal : Noise Ratio 1000 : 1
Stray Light 2*10E-4
Dimensions 2U 19” | 480 x 262 x 88,9 mm; 2.5 kg
Featuring temperature monitored sensor system

Request a quote for GL SPECTIS 6.0 or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776.


  • Light engine and luminaire production quality assurance
    and design researchGL SPECTIS 6.0 with GL OPTI SPHERE 500
  • LED testing under CIE 127 for illuminance, luminous flux and luminance*
  • Luminaire design and performance checking
  • Fast quality control for colour and output of suppliers’ products
  • LED binning and evaluation under operational time periods and chip temperatures*
  • Light engine luminous efficacy, power consumption and chip temperature testing*
  • Photobiological safety testing of LED products (EN 62471)
  • Characterisation of solid state lighting (SSL) products (IES LM-79-08)
  • Eco-design evaluation for LED lamps (EU No 1194/2012)

    *when combined as necessary with GL Optic Spectrosoft Pro software and GL Optic
    integrating spheres, accessories, power monitoring and chip temperature equipment



LED Light Measurement Made Easy


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