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GL Optic offer affordable, turn-key solutions for gonio-spectrometry of any light source or luminaire. Measure angular spectral distribution, power efficiency, luminous stability and more.

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

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GL GONIO SPECTROMETER is GL Optic’s latest solution for the testing of spatial distribution of luminous intensity for solid state light sources and luminaires. It provides simultaneous measurement of photometric values like colour space, colour temperature and colour rendering index to complete the full description of the near-field spatial uniformity of light sources.

Goniometric data is crucial for the full characterisation of luminaires, in particular for the measurement of luminous distribution curves or polar diagrams to determine light intensity and colour depending on angle. This information is key in preparing light design.

Complete GONIO-system on a benchtop.

GL Optic gonio-systems offer the complete set of instrumentation, spectrometer, peripherals, software and PC computer to generate high-quality spatial maps of near-field light output and colour distribution. With full training and installation included, this is a turnkey solution for high quality gonio-spectrometry.

Gonio-spectrometry equipment was previously only available to dedicated lighting laboratories and large companies. Now every light engine and luminaire manufacturer can have a fully integrated gonio-system test rig in their own design labs, saving time and money.

GL Optic gonio-systems are available in a range of sizes, including the table-top sized GLG-1-20 for light sources up to 20cm in diameter and 2kg in weight, and the heavy duty GLG-20-150 for luminaires up to 1.5m diameter and 80kg in weight!

Key Features:

  • C-? type 2-axis motorised mechanical rig with alignment and stability software programs
  • GL SPECTIS series spectrometer for angular dependent radiometric data collection
  • 8kW Hameg power meter for automatic supply voltage and input power control during
    the goniometric measurement, allowing stability monitoring and experimentation
  • Software for fully automated command and control of the motorised stage, GL SPECTIS
    spectrometer and Hameg power meter (see below for further software description)
  • Laser alignment tool for accurate luminaire mounting
  • PC included to run gonio-system hardware and collect spectral data

GL GONIO SPECTROMETRIC software control, collection and analysis.

With full automated control from the GL GONIO SPECTROMETRIC software you don’t need to worry about data collection and analysis.

GL GONIO SPECTROMETRIC controls the GL GONIO system, collects radiometric data, calculates parameters, displays results and exports industry standard file formats and PDF reports. It’s the fastest, simplest way to get the data you need for your light source.


  • Automatic control of GL GONIO-system
  • Plot angular distribution of spectrum, intensity, colour coordinates, colour temperature,
    and colour rendering indices for your light source
  • Measure total radiant flux (optical Watts), thermal power, wall-plug efficiency,
    luminous efficacy of radiation spectrum (LER), total spectral radiant flux (W/nm)
  • PDF Report export of results
  • EULUMDAT file output, IES and LDT import/export
  • Monitor luminous stability

Key results available in GL GONIO SPECTROMETRIC:

  • Colorimetric parameters
  • Luminous intensity distribution according to type C-? configuration
  • Total cumulative luminous flux
  • Luminous stability of your light source
  • Calculation of maximum colour change over angular space
    in SDCM/MacAdam units
  • Beam angles at C0/90 (full width at 50% and 10% from max)
  • Isolux curves (Longitudinal and Transverse far-field condition)
  • Cone angle presentation at different distances (beam width in meters
    and illuminance in the center and edge of the cone)

Technical Specifications:

Product GLG-1-20 GLG-6-70 GLG-20-150
Application area Small LED sources, retrofit lamps
Up to medium sized SSL sources Up to large luminaires
Height, Width, Length,
300 mm, 300 mm (stand),
300 mm (stand), appr.4 kg
700 mm, 700 mm (stand),
700 mm (stand), appr. 25 kg
1240 mm, 1500 mm (stand),
1500 mm (stand), appr. 70kg
LUT Photometric center positioning Adjustable within 150 mm
(vertical axis)
Adjustable within 300 mm
(vertical axis)
Adjustable within 575 mm
(vertical axis)
Max. dimension of the LUT  0.2 m  0.7 m  1.5 m
Max. mass of the LUT# (in installed status) 8 kg 6 kg 80 kg
Minimum space for installation
(w x h x l)
Table installation 0.4 m x 0.4 m x 1.2 m Goniometer onto table or floor,
photometer in tripod
0.7 m x 0.7 m x 5 m
Floor installation 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 9 m
Measuring instruments Turning device (goniometer)
Rotary stages equipped with stepper motors– Reproducibility 0.01° (both axes)
– Positioning accuracy 0.01° (both axes)
– Worm gear drive system
– Deep groove ball bearings
Motion controller
– 2 axis controller
– RS-232 interface
• Electronic unit:

– RS232 interface
– Measurement range 0.0005 – 100 000 lx
• Photometer head
– class A, f1’< 3% (meets the DIN-5032 requirements)
– Entrance aperture: 8 mm (no diffuser!)
EULUMDAT – files (FV / LOR)
Spectrometric device:
GL SPECTIS 1.0; 5.0 or 6.0
Goniospectrometric measurements
– Angular color uniformity measurement (IES LM-79-08)
– Average color quantities (CCT, CRI, SDCM)
AC Power meter:
• Automatic / Manual measurement of electrical input power and supply voltage
AC Power supply
• Maximum output power 500 W and 1000 W
• Stable AC power for luminaires under measurements

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