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The SciAps handheld LIBS and XRF analysers provide instant analysis of major and trace elements. With the LIBS plus XRF, you can analyse any element and any type of geochemical sample – soils, powders, liquids with best precision across the entire periodic table.

The Z-Series LIBS handheld spectrometers provide an in-field analysis of Li, Be, B, C, Na, F and high sensitivity to other major elements Mg, Si, Al, Ca, K. The Z-Series with GeoChem Pro App enable researchers to map elemental distribution within minerals, veins and inclusions. You can create and export element maps, spectral data at individual locations and import data into third party geochemical analysis software (ioGAS) for advanced analysis.

The X-Series XRF are the world’s most advanced handheld XRF spectrometers and perfect complement to the Z-Series LIBS for in-field elemental analysis.

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