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Analytik delivers efficient nanoparticle size/zeta potential/stability analysers for dispersions and macromolecular solutions to the UK and Ireland from Particle Metrix.

Particle Metrix GmbH develops and manufactures instruments to characterise colloids. The size of macromolecules and particles forming these colloid liquids covers an impressing range from 0.3 nm up to 300 µm. Optical Particle Tracking, 180° dynamic light scattering, streaming potential charge mapping are the methods to deliver answers on dispersion stability, zeta potential, charge density, particle size, molecular weight and concentration. The Particle Metrix instruments detect scattered and fluorescent light as well as electrical streaming potential signals.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the Particle Metrix team. Visit our contact page, request a quote or call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776


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