Analytik discuss the Schmidt+Haensch ATR Touch Series of refractometers for refractive index measurements

*EDIT* Please note that Analytik no longer represents Schmidt + Haensch in the UK and Ireland. To find your local distributor, please visit the manufacturer’s website here.

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The Schmidt+Haensch ATR-B refractometer to measure refractive index in a wide range of industries

Analytik discuss the Schmidt+Haensch ATR Touch Series of refractometers for refractive index measurements

Cambridge, UK, 3rd March, 2015: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, supply the Schmidt+Haensch’ s market leading polarimeters and refractometers in the UK & Ireland.

Schmidt+Haensch’s automatic digital refractometers, supplied by Analytik, are high performance critical angle refractometers, which feature unique technology and integrated Peltier thermostats for qualitative and quantitative materials analysis for industrial and manufacturing use. Two models are available: ATR-B and ATR-F depending on the users’ requirements.

This series can use Schmidt+Haensch’s innovative L-Display as well as operating standalone, connecting to a PC, network or printer. Outstanding modularity and flexibility means that you can measure refractive index, optical rotation and now density (with Schmidt+Haensch’s Polarimeter and Density Meter lines) from the same interface and platform, streamlining your workflow and data management.

The ATR-B and ATR-F differ slightly in measuring range and overall precision with the ATR-F at a slight advantage. The ATR-F is most suitable where critical 4th decimal place RI values are required and depended upon. While both instruments cover at least the full Brix range; the highest accuracy is contributed to by the integrated temperature sensor in the YAG prism measuring interface. This increases the accuracy of temperature correction or control, via Peltier thermostat, as it is the most representative sample temperature without having a separate probe in the sample itself.

These instruments tend to find themselves most in demand when a highly accurate blend of two or more components is required for production of various high value materials. But with the new modularity features, the ATR Touch series can be the centre of a comprehensive QA/QC solution to highly regulated industries. The key applications are typically found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where the measurement of refractive index is vital.

As Product Specialist, James Anderson says, “The refractometers from Schmidt+Haensch have proved extremely reliable and easy to use with models tuned to the users’ specific application speciality. Our users in both research and industrial laboratories have been impressed by the reliability and repeatability of measurements.”


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