Analytik announces the new DeltaNu Advantage series of affordable Raman spectrometers

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DeltaNu's new Advantage Raman spectrometers are available in the UK and Ireland from AnalytikAnalytik announces the new DeltaNu Advantage series of affordable Raman spectrometers

Cambridge, UK, 16th October 2012: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, announce the new Advantage series of affordable Raman spectrometers from DeltaNu.

DeltaNu’s new Advantage series of low-cost Raman spectrometers offer high performance for academic and industrial markets. They are equally at home analysing solutions, gels, powders and a wide range of solid materials. Each benchtop Advantage system features the proven FSX Technology for highly reproducible and repeatable Raman spectra. The systems incorporate DeltaNu’s patented Free Space Optical Design which means users are not forced to use fibre optic probes found in some competitive systems. This becomes an option making the system much more flexible overall.

A successful Raman application depends largely on the selection of the optimal laser source. With this in mind, the new Advantage series offers four standard options: 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm. Other options may be available on request together with a variety of accessories and sampling attachments.

Smaller than its predecessors, the new Advantage now offers the improved version of their respected NuSpec™ suite of open architecture software. Data collection is simplified with an intuitive GUI and has multiple file formats for data archiving. Grams AI spectroscopy software for advanced processing is now included as standard. An integrated library build and correlation matching package complete the software.

Highlighting the 633 nm unit, this has the capability for kinetic studies, laser power adjustments plus polarisation experiments increasing the versatility of the instrument when compared against other Raman systems in this price/performance range.

Talking about the value of DeltaNu’s products to Analytik’s range of innovative scientific solutions for industry and research, founder and Managing Director of Analytik, Ian Laidlaw, says “I am impressed with the new teaching experiments which come with the product which will aid our entry into the academic teaching area – like we recently reported with our users in Nottingham University’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Department. DeltaNu continues to add new capabilities such as the XYZ stage giving the user more versatility than similar systems in the market. The Advantage series will continue the broadening of our market reach based on more than nine years’ experience working in spectroscopy and allied measurement techniques.”


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