Analytik to present multispectral solutions at Agri-Tech East’s Pollinator event

Agri-Tech East‘s Pollinator event focuses on the diagnostics of crops, soils and livestock with the aim to detect and analyse abnormalities and quality. The industry’s aims are to manage and prevent disease and maintain the health of their assets, yet the tests that are conducted need to be simple, efficient and reliable. False information can prove to be extremely costly and have huge repercussions for the agricultural market.

What will be discussed?

Agri-Tech East have invited Analytik to present the cutting-edge solution of multispectral imaging at their Pollinator event on the 13th February. Our specialist Isaac Gilbert will be introducing the VideometerLab4 multispectral imaging analyser to attendees and providing a presentation of how it has been successfully used to detect fusarium, michrodochium and alternaria in seeds, grains, and crops.

Isaac will be providing an introduction to the capabilities of multispectral imaging, and how it can detect and quantify a huge range of attributes relative to agricultural products. This is a fantastic opportunity for industry specialists to gain detailed insight into the future of agriculture whilst allowing them to achieve answers on how multispectral imaging can provide solutions for their applications.

To find out more about Isaac’s talk, or to attend, visit the official event page. If you are intrigued by the potential of multispectral imaging, learn more by reading our specific article dedicated to its disease detection abilities by clicking the button below.


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