SelectScience posts Analytik’s story on how Scott Bader benefits from using the CPS Disc CentrifugeSelectScience posts Analytik’s story on how Scott Bader benefits from using the CPS Disc Centrifuge UHR particle size analyser to measure conventional and inverse emulsions

Scott Bader is a multinational chemical company with production and laboratory facilities around the world. Their Speciality Polymers Group is based at Wollaston near Wellingborough. Here the group develops conventional and inverse emulsion products for a variety of industrial applications, as well as providing technical support for production. The most familiar type of emulsion is probably the oil in water emulsion (e.g. salad dressing or milk). This is sometimes called a conventional or o/w emulsion. However, it is also possible to form an inverse or water in oil (w/o) emulsion. In an inverse emulsion, the water droplets are dispersed in a continuous phase of oil. Many medicinal creams and butter are water in oil emulsions.

Speaking about the benefits of the CPS Disc Centrifuge UHR, polymer development manager, Luke Alger, says “Particle size is a very important characteristic of both conventional and inverse emulsions. Prior to the purchase of the CPS Instruments system, it was not possible to measure the particle size of inverse emulsions. Also the group is able to get a lot more detail for conventional emulsions compared to using the other techniques leading to greater control in improving product properties”.

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