UniPol L – Routine QC Analysis

The UniPol L is Schmidt+Haensch’s entry level instrument but still offers full compliance with all industry bodies regarding polarimetry. A versatile instrument that uses the same technology as the Unipol L1000 and provides exceptional stability and value.

All UniPol polarimeters use high-grade LED light sources as in the Polartronic series.

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UniPol L

The UniPol series of digital polarimeters differ from conventional, circle polarimeters by using an innovative ‘scanning’ measurement which derives the angle of rotation from a shift in waveforms observed by a detector. This in itself has a number of benefits; no optical encoder is required and therefore no moving parts, reducing complexity and cost. As the detector ‘scans’ the full 360 degree range, linearity is guaranteed and does not require regular calibration.

All UniPol polarimeters use high-grade LED light sources as in the Polartronic series.

As a result the UniPol series polarimeters are competitive with any other polarimeter on the market despite being Schmidt+Haensch’s economic model.

Key Features:

  • Resolution 0.01°. Precision ±0.01°.
  • Single measurement operation
  • 4 measuring methods and 10 user defined programmable scales
  • Integrated temperature sensor available
  • Latest, state of the art optical and electronic component technology
  • User friendly menu structure operated with splash proof alphanumerical keyboard – results displayed on large LCD display
  • All models meet European and American Pharmacopeia requirements

Technical Specifications:

UniPol L
Scale Optical rotation, international sugar scale, concentration, user defined
Measurement ranges ±360° / ± 259°Z
Measuring units Angel(°),°Z, specific rotation, concentration (%), user defined
Resolution 0.01°/0.02°Z
Precision ±0.01°/±0.03°Z
Temp. measurement 0-99°C
Temp. precision ±0.03°C
Measuring tubes Up to 200mm length
Wavelengths 589 nm (others on request)
Light source LED
Data in-/output: 1 parallel, 1 PS2, 2 serial RS232, USB / Ethernet adapter optional
Dimensions/Weight: 650 x 315 x 160mm  (WxHxD),   ca. 11,8 kg
Norms: European and American Pharmacopeia, GLP/GMP conform
documentation and printout, CFR 21 Part 11 ready,
optional PC software “Aquisys 2008”

Request a quote for UniPol L or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776.


  • Food industry: sugar, starch, milk and dairy products, wine, fruit juices, food additives, amino acidsSchmidt+Haensch UniPol L
  • Pharmaceutical industry: enantiomers, chiral substances, amino acids, natural products, glucose, fructose, purity control (codeine, cocaine, nicotine, morphine sulfate), ascorbic acid, menthol, camphor, drug recognition
  • Medicine: chiral metabolic compounds like sugar and albumin content in urine, hormones, poison analysis, testosterones, enzymes and toxicology
  • Chemical research: analysis of optically active substances, structural analysis, inorganic ions in conjunction with optically active substances (e.g. – Bi,- Cd, – Cu, – Fe, – Hg), organic natural products, terpenes, etc.


PDF Icon UniPol L Series Datasheet

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