GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker

GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurements

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurements

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurement results

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurement results

Light Measurement CIE Chart

Light Measurement CIE Chart

Light Measurement Spectrum

Light Measurement Spectrum

GL SPECTIS 1.0 T FlickerThe GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurementsThe GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker measurement resultsLight Measurement CIE ChartLight Measurement Spectrum

GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker

Touch the flicker! GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker is an updated version of the world’s first smart spectrometer GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch, that is now also capable of measuring illumination, colour and the optical flicker of light installation at the same time.

Often copied but never equaled this is a reliable and versatile device for accurate absolute spectral measurement and now equipped with additional electronics and fast photodiode to measure flicker frequency, flicker index and flicker ratio.

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the GL Optic team, based in Germany. Visit our contact page, request a quote, or call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776.

Product Description

GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker

If you are looking for reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument for light assessment, the GL Optic state-of-the-art light measuring tool, the GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker, is the best answer to all your spectral light measurement needs.

GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker is an intuitively operated touch screen version of the successful SPECTIS 1.0 product line. If you need to measure light output and colour together with optical flicker quantities the highly portable and precise GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker is the perfect solution. This device combines spectral illuminance instrument with flicker measurement electronics.

Key Features:

  • Spectrometer and Photodiode Measurement
    GL Optic spectrometers are predominantly designed and preconfigured for light measurement.
    The B class cosine corrected measurement head is a standard accessory allowing for the proper measurement of light.
    Additionally photodiode with fast readout electronics is installed to get optical flicker signal response from photodiode.
  • Compact, portable, robust
  • Android system
  • Intuitive, color LCD touch screen user interface
  • Laboratory grade accuracy and repeatability
  • Dark current compensation
  • Micro SD
  • Trigger socket
  • Universal mount
  • Photometric and radiometric calibration
  • Automatic accessory detection and calibration loading
  • Use standalone, or in conjunction with system accessories

Now using the GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker integrated instrument you can measure following:

  • spectral power distribution SPD
  • illumination: lux or foot candles
  • irradiance: mWatt/m^2
  • colour: colour temperature CCT, CRI and TM30 colour rendering, CIE charts,
    Mivis and MiUV metamerism, melanopic ratio, ISO3664 assessment
  • plant growth: PAR, PPFD

and optical flicker metrics like:

  • flicker frequency
  • flicker index
  • flicker ratio
  • flicker graph and FFT graph available

Technical Specifications:

GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker
Spectral Range340-780 nm
Frequency range0.1 Hz to 12.5 kHz
DetectorCMOS image sensor
Number of pixels256
Physical resolution~ 1.7 nm
Wavelength reproducibility0.5 nm
Integration time5ms to 10s/100s
A/D conversion16 bit
Signal to noise ratio1000:1
Stray light2*10E-3
Spectroradiometric accuracy4%
Measurement uncertainty of colour coordinates (x,y)± 0.0015
Dimensions74 mm x 146 mm x 24 mm
Weight0.315 kg

Request a quote for the GL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker or call on UK: +44 (0)1954 232 776 / IE: +353 (0)144 751 70.


  • Light sources quality control and flicker measurementGL SPECTIS 1.0 T Flicker
    Flicker impacts workplace comfort and effectiveness while reducing visual task performance and productivity
  • Lighting flicker measurement at sports arenas, public events and commercial activities
    Slow motion video recordings are significantly affected by flickering lights, which have a strong impact on video quality



LED Light Measurement Made Easy


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