TERSsenseAnalytik are pleased to announce their appointment as exclusive distributors for Nanophoton Corporation, Japanese manufacturers of innovative, benchtop Raman imaging systems

Cambridge, UK, 11th April 2017: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, are pleased to announce their appointment as exclusive distributors for Nanophoton Corporation, Japanese manufacturers of innovative, benchtop Raman imaging systems for both industrial and research laboratories.

Analytik has been appointed as the exclusive distributors in the UK & Ireland for the Nanophoton range of Raman imaging systems.

Nanophoton is a manufacturer of high performance analytical and imaging instruments with major focus on innovative Raman systems by using most up-to-date nano- and photonics technology. Nanophoton’s instruments include high performance Raman Imaging Systems, fast Raman Screening Systems (wide field imaging and analysis) as well as Tip Enhanced Raman Systems (TERS) for the most demanding applications. These products are integrated into a broad range of high-performance solutions for academic and governmental research as well as industrial applications.

High speed diffraction limited Confocal Raman Microscopy

Nanophoton is a pioneer of very high speed confocal laser scanning microscopy and spectroscopic analysis. They have recently launched their fastest and highest resolution confocal Raman microscope RAMANforce. With a newly designed spectrograph and the latest optical technologies, RAMANforce’s spatial resolution and sensitivity have been highly improved, making it the optimal solution for all applications and up to x3 times faster and x1.93 times more sensitive than the previous world beating RAMANtouch system.

Very large FOV Ultra-fast Screening

Nanophoton also offers the RAMANview system which has been designed for ease-of-use operation and ultra-fast screening. It has a dedicated optical system which substantially expands the field-of-view. Even when imaging large samples, bigger than 800 mm2, these can be analysed without moving the sample. Regular mapping systems may take a long time but here RAMANview saves valuable time and provides a secure analysis of all areas of interest.

Guaranteed Stable and Reliable performance TERS

Going beoynd the diffraction limits, Nanophoton’s TERSsense RAMAN scattering microscope is designed for most demanding applications. TERSsense combines laser Raman microscope and atomic force microscope (AFM) and can image and analyse a wide range of materials like thin films, inorganic nano-structures and biological materials with nano-scale spatial resolution. The unique TERSsense system has optics designed to never lose alignment after the initial installation, thereby removing one of the most problematic aspects of this technique.

Talking about their partnership with Analytik, Michael Verst, President/CEO of Nanophoton Corporation, says “”Nanophoton are very pleased to be working with Analytik in the UK & Ireland. Analytik are one of the leading distributors of very highly specialised equipment for the scientific community as well as industrial applications. With their broad knowledge and a wide customer base that include scientists who are leaders in their field, we look forward to continued growth into the cutting edge scientific and industrial market. We are highly convinced that our customers will appreciate the high level of service and support.”

Analytik’s Managing Director, Ian Laidlaw, is very excited about adding the Nanophoton Raman products to the portfolio of characterisation techniques offered to users in the UK & Ireland. “Nanophoton systems are a great addition to our range of analytical instrumentation. This enables us to offer solutions for a broader range of applications to even better match user needs with the products we already deliver.”

To find out more about the Raman imaging systems from Nanophoton, visit Analytik’s products pages by clicking here.

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